Do women normally do this in 10th grade and why would she?

This girl I barely met June 2020 came down from her bedroom in just a black bra with leggings. I’ll explain, the mom likes to sunbath every other day at our complex and when I speak to the mom sunbathing, she(mom) always smiles at me. Now I recently signed up for an acting class over Zoom and have been using their house for the past two days to do my taped monologue as the mom said she would Absolutely help me. The first time I went there Jan 14 Thursday, I stayed 45 minutes doing the monologue but the next day Friday, I did 4 of the same monologue with different emotions as a fun challenge and after an hour being there, the daughter came down after finishing her guitar practice. I suspect the daughter may like me because any girl with sense would go back upstairs to change into a top when a stranger is present yet she continued to walk down, stopped at middle step when saw me and oddly the mom said nothing when she saw the daughter and even seemed to entice her to come down by saying “you remember Justin right?” to which she said “yea”. For a sec after I saw her, I was shocked and weirdly she just went to kitchen to see about the roast for a minute and I started my 3rd(same) monologue then she quietly went back upstairs. The first time I met the daughter, she had a huge grin and said You’re so pretty at me while mom was there and every time I talk to her, she smiles with a nervous giggle

It’s weird-I think the mom knew this or the daughter was jealous of mom

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    Tenth grade, which would make her sixteen? Yeah, that's a little weird, and even weirder that the mother is kind of nonchalant about it. Though, if you're the same age, and the girl likes you, and the mom knows the girl likes you, it could be a whole weird situation where they're trying to get you to make a move, but I'm not exactly sure what the odds of that would be. I don't think she would be jealous of the mom, but I guess at this point anything is possible. If she's smiling and giggling every time you talk to her and, again, you're the same age, and you like her, why not try making a move and get to know her? Best case it goes somewhere, worst case you go back to this weird yet somehow normal interaction.

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