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meaning of 'moral implications' ?

Could someone use this in a sentence or give examples and provide a definition that's easy to understand? Thank you! 

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    The phrase moral implication is more useful when referring to the results or significance of an action with respect to morality.

    It basically means what will happen morally, if something is done that is generally against a person's moral beliefs. The topic generally will come up when you have to argue one side over another, that generally has the same outcome but is done for differing reasons. 


    Is it morally acceptable to murder someone if you are an active soldier fighting in a war, versus if you are a regular person who kills someone because you are angry with them?

    The outcome is the same, someone dies, but is one reason for the murder better, or more acceptable than the other, and if so, how will this change people's thinking about that particular situation?

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