Love spells ?

I was researching simple love spells the (honey and white candle and piece of paper with your and your crush name on it love spell) it says it’s best to do on Fridays but I was really wondering if it actually works and if the day actually matters and why it matters .

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    They don't work.  Not even on Fridays, so the day doesn't matter.  

    Lust spells work, but love spells do not.  Love spells only affect the person trying to cast them, and the only real effect is disappointment.  

    Lust spells are much easier, and much more effective.  One powerful lust spell is called the Sacred Rite of The Unbuttoning, and you can probably guess how to cast it.  Just make eye contact and undo a button.  Any button.

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