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Can I use the same router access the Internet at a new place?

I am moving soon, and I have already informed and asked my carrier AT&T to transfer the service. In this case, can I just simply bring my old router with me to a new place and continue to use it?

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    If you are talking about the modem that AT&T supplies you when they set up the Internet, no.  It is their property and you have to return it to them.  Plus it would not be configured to work at your new location.  If you plugged it in it would not connect.  AT&T (or whoever your provider will be at the new location) will supply a new modem for you.

    However if you mean a wifi router that you purchased, you can take that with you.  And once attached to the modem at your new location it should work the same as it does at your current location.

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    Probably, but a lot of the time when they set up the new service they'll give you the most up-to-date equipment.

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    Yes, you can use the same router to access the Internet at a new place.

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    Router, yes, you may use it without changing anything.

    Modem, you need to call your ISP when you are ready to turn it back on if you have the same ISP.

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    If you my mean the gateway (modem and router) it shouldn't be a problem as long as you are staying with the same service type.  If you are switching between  DSL and fiber, you need a new gateway.  

    Best to ask them exactly the process.  

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    Yes. There is no issue here. If this is your router, and not theirs, you just plug it in, connect it up and it should work, all your passwords should work, too. 

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    you might be able to do it, i would ask your carrier

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