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Why does the alt right think fascism is freedom?

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    I honestly can't figure that out. What the hell do they expect to achieve? Can they really believe they'll unseat the US govt? Or that violence against law enforcement & the military is the answer? Do they imagine DT returning to the WhiteHouse  like some conquering emperor? In what kind of bizarre fantasy world does any of this make sense??

    I know I didn't answer your question, but I'm just astonished at the extremes the alt-right seems willing to go to. It's as if none of them have the faintest idea what the end game is.

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    Trump exploited something that's been called 'white grievance'.  It's the feeling among some white men that they are treated worse than others, that minorities and immigrants have cut off their opportunities to have a good life.  They are racist, anti-immigrant, sexist, etc.  And they see that white people are losing population share in the US, and in another 20-30 years they will become just another minority.

    The GOP has dealt with these people by telling them that they should be on top.  'We should get what WE want.  And anyone who doesn't want that, screw them!  The law and the Constitution are all very well, but we should get what WE want even if we have to bend them a little.  If you want to get what you want, that has to be the most important thing--more important than the rights of others, more important than the 'rule of law'.

    THAT is fascism!

    Corruption flourishes in a nation when a big enough number of people can be convinced it will benefit them.  It doesn't take a majority, just a 'critical mass'.   That's what happened in Italy and Germany, and it's happening here in a smaller way.

    I don't believe Trump and the GOP will succeed in turning the US into a fascist dictatorship.  I don't think it would work here.  Trumpies wouldn't be so angry and violent if they really believed they represented the interests of a majority of Americans.

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    Yeah, just ignore the Democrat fascists that now call themselves Antifa that have been beating up Conservatives for 4 years now.  They are the Nazi Brownshirts of today.

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    Why not look up what Fascism really is instead of posting ignorance

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    1 month ago

     I just see liberals "the alt-left" attacking and censoring right wing people they disagree with.

    Fascists do that.

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    It's fascist for a white person to respect some of their own culture, but not for anyone else? That's all I see and hear from everyone challenging white people with racism accusations. Like it's a sin to bake apple pie, and listen to classical music

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    Because they would have the freedom to express their Fascist opinions in a Fascist society without having to worry about pushback 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The radical left has demonized corporate control of the media for decades, up until Trump hit the scene. Which is when their sources (the mainstream media) began defending their fascistic control of media content and "news" as the very defense of a "free press". Of course, libs swallow whatever they say, hook, line and sinker. Which is how ALL cultists control their followers.

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