Are there derailleurs with a longer low reach?

I built an enduro ebike snd I had to use a lot of spacers to fit in the hub motor which meant that the derailleur (Shimano Tourney 7-8 speed) will only reach to the 3rd gear. Are there any 7-8 speed derailleurs with a particularly long reach (heading into the spokes on a regular bike)

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    One solution, which may be too late for you, is to get an ebike conversion kit that has the motor on the front wheel. That way you can leave the rear wheel and derailleur alone, the way it is. If you can return your conversion kit to the seller, then you can still use my solution. In general mountain bike rear derailleurs will let you use lower gears than a road bike derailleur. . 

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    Is your chain sized correctly? Shimano makes derailleurs with short, medium, and long cages. Long cages have more wrap capacity, but don't help if your chain is already too short.

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    Yeah, you can get a long cage derailer.  However, another thing that is worth looking at is a wolf tooth.  This is an extender for road bikes that allow me to fit an 11 40 cassette instead of the 12 30 that it came with.  Other than that, look at getting a long cage derailier.


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    It sounds like you should have built a frame to suit the powertrain you were planning to use. You used the frame you already had and it's for a regular bike with no motor. No wonder nothing will work. "I decided to replace the motor in my car with an airplane engine and it doesn't fit."

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    float_on_harmonys_fire... Someone answers the question truthfully & you can't handle it? 🤔  

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  • @ old hippie, I will smash your egg head

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    You left out one very important detail.  What's the gearing on the rear cog - freewheel or cassette?  A Shimano Tourney rear derailleur will generally only handle up to a 32 tooth or maybe 34 tooth low gear.  If you've added spacers that push that derailleur farther away from the're, well - screwed.  

    Yes, there are derailleurs with a short cage, medium cage & long cage.  This Shimano RD-M9100-SGS derailleur will handle up to a 51 tooth low gear.'s designed for a 12 speed rear cog.

    So a do-it-yourself project went bad? 😲  Who could've seen that coming? 🙄  hashtag - sarcasm     

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