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Can someone explain a processor on a computer?

I'm applying for a remote part time job at home and i was instructed to perform a test to see if my computer met the requirements. When I first used my old macbook pro that's 4 years of age, the company said it passed all the tests but the software is too old (I haven't updated in like two years) so I just used my mom's macbook pro that she just bought for Christmas last month (the latest apple computer) and the company told me this laptop met the software requirement however the processor was way slower and below what is required. How in the world did my 4 year old macbook pass the processor test and my mom's two month old didn't?"

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    It is possible it was a test that just extracted the CPU type.  The newest Macbook Pro uses the M1 8 2.GHZ core chip, which was released late 2020 and the test might not know how to deal with it.

    Other 2020 Macbooks should be 4 cores, plenty fast enough running 1.4 GHZ.

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    a CPU (Processor) is the brains of a computer. It works basically like a human brain. . . It processes things millions times per second. . . . Without it, the computer won't work at all

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    i was instructed to perform a test "

    WHO's test?

    "the company said it passed all the tests"

    THIS sounds like you allowed the company to run tests either by installing ITS tests on your computer or remotely via the internet on YOUR computer

    IF so you could be in REAL trouble (and I mean REAL trouble) as you ALSO allowed it to run on your mothers new macbook

    Its possible (probable) the company was a fake and YOU just allowed it to install monitoring software on both computers

     (software that can pick up ALL your passwords, bank details and sent it to the fake company )

     In this case my VERY strong advice is to take the computers IMMEDIATELY to a company that specialises in virus protection

    TELL your mother to contact her bank and ccard company, tell them whats happened and to change all her passwords and card numbers IMMEDIATELY , and I mean NOW not even tomorrow but NOW

     (if you got a ccard or bank account YOU do the same

     (dont worry - they would far rather send new cards (they are cheap and easy to produce) than have to deal with the problems you could be getting into by NOT telling them)

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    Guess you have a good but old computer, and your mom has a new but slow one.

    Like a old Corvette vs a new Cruz.

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    Sounds like there's more of some type of compatibility issue that they are testing for rather than just a pure performance one.   Their test may not be compatible with the new M1 processor your mother probably got.   Both these computers would be fast enough to do almost any business task.  Unfortunately without understanding exactly what they are testing for and how they are testing it no one can give you an useful answer. 

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    "newer" and "faster" are two different things.

    it is odd that an Apple would get a low CPU rating, but...what model is it? if you go on the top left corner of the Apple screen, click the Apple icon, and click About this Mac.

    it should give you the model #, along with the CPU, and maybe the A number (example: A1739).

    you can also compare CPUs here:

    my 10 year old 4th Gen Intel Core i5 could kick a brand new Atom CPU out the window and down the block...

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    Guess you have a good but old computer, and your mom has a new but slow one.

    Like a old Corvette vs a new Cruz.

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