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Why am I gaining weight when I make healthier choices?

I've been fat my whole life, I'm big boned and also have a hormonal issue that contributes. I don't expect to be very thin but with the new year I wanted to lose at least a few pounds even if I'll meet be a size small. I found out how many calories I need to be deficit (before I would eat enough where my weight was maintained) I'm working out a little bit more (I have some weights and I'm doing more walking.) And I mainly eat veggies or seafood, I've managed to cut out beef and pork most of the time. Why am I suddenly gaining weight? Before I would bounce between 245/250 now I'm over the 250 mark at 249-252.

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    If you've developed muscles that is your answer. Muscle weighs more than body fat. Since your increase in weight is so small, this is likely your case.

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    Stop counting calories, and learn to count carbs.... try the ketogenic diet

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