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How can i improve my daily schedule?

I have an off and on schedule of different things being done during the days. I used to have a pretty good schedule before covid. which was exercising more often and going to work from the beginning of January to March (2020) and ever since things have been way off. Bad and poor sleeping habits and well my daily routine is like waking up some times at 10Am. i used to wake up at 7Am during the last few months. I have been job searching. Putting some pressure during these rough times but my schedule seems way off. So yeah there are different things i can't or have not been able to improve for some reason. Schedule..wise?

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    Shower regularly, read, meditate, do yoga, moisturize your body with lotion and Man1 Man Oil for your genitals ( you'll be glad you did) take your vitamins, drink a ton of water and STAY IN THE PRESENT! Cheers. 

  • Donna
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    Lots of people aren't feeling so good these days, because of Covid and other stuff happening in the world. 10 am isn't so bad, but there is a lot you can do to help yourself feel better and get more motivated. Make sure you are eating fairly healthy, getting at least a little exercise, and getting plenty of sleep. You will do best with 8 hours, but 9 is not always bad, esp. if you get woken up at night. People have a little less energy this time of year too, in the dead of winter, but after Christmas is over. You could have deficiencies which are making it hard to get motivated. Over 50% of people are vitamin D deficient, mostly because they don't get enough sunlight on their skin. Its hard to get enough in the winter. Other deficiencies, like anemia, can drain your energy too. If you get a chance, ask your doctor or nurse practitioner to test you for these and other deficiencies. B vitamins help with energy and stress also. And sometimes, the light in a house is a lot less than in a work environment, which can make you feel less awake. You can try adding more light to your main living area while you are there during the day. I'm gonna try one of those blue light things that are made to imitate daylight, and are supposed to help with energy in the winter. I also take a natural multivitamin that is made from plants, like "Alive!" and I take some vitamins for my deficiencies. 

    Prayer can also help a lot! I hope some of these things help you!

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