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How long does rehab take after being in the hospital with covid ?

I’m trying to find a general time frame for rehab after covid. My mother was in the icu for three weeks. Now she is in the unit below. She had a trachtube inserted and a stomach tube. She went in with diabetic shock and was on dialysis. She is now off of dialysis. But has ARDS. When they move her to the rehab she will still be on a ventilator How long do you think rehab will take. The hospital wants to discharge her soon. Do you have any family members that have had something similar ? 

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    There is no way to know.

    Your mom's current challenges are based on complications from covid, not covid it self.

    Your mom may never fully recover based on her significant decline.

    Her "recovery" won't really even start until she is off the vent.

    Based on how severe her illness, it may take a year or more to get to baseline. 

    Best wishes.

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    There isn't a general time frame. It will all depend on the speed with which your mother's lungs recover (and if they recover). Her treating doctors are the only people who can give you even a guess in her case. Her recovery is, sadly, far from certain while still on a ventilator; 70% of COVID patients put on ventilators will not survive.  

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    No one can make a solid prediction about how long your Mom's rehab is going to take, but your best resources are her doctor and the medical staff where she's staying

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