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All I have is my weight loss, do you think my eating disorder coming back?

At the moment I'm staying with my family in lockdown

I've got a bit obsessed over my ex and his girlfriend on Facebook as she has an open page

My ex was horrible to me and ruined my confidence, but she's always posting how great they are

Also she's got an online business and I'd never be able to do that as my confidence so low

All I have apart from my family and friends is my weight loss

I've lost two stone so far and need to lose more! So I've got a rigid exercise and eating regime. But before I got too skinny people say, but I didn't notice and loved control of something 

I'm a bit depressed

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    It would be best for your well being to stop stalking their social media. People date and break up all the time. Dating is very fluid. Why should you punish yourself? Spend your time planning your future and the best way to achieve your goals. No boyfriend can do that for you. It's your job to be independent and free not clingy, needy, maudlin and possibly suffering from an eating disorder per above.  When a guy is miserable to you, it's because you create that monster by allowing it the first time it happens. My sister took s.. from her husband. Finally one day, she told him off. I actually saw him kiss her feet after that. He never mistreated her again. Do some serious soul searching. If you aren't at that point whereby you can say, "Knock it off, " then, you wouldn't have any better luck with any other guy. Finally, don't make yourself sick due to unnecessary jealousy. The guy is a walking red flag, anyway.

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    its possible, maybe you should get some help for it

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