What happens with your unemployment if the company is bought by another?

My work luckily is picking up so I shouldn't need it anymore however a couple weeks ago it was bought by another company . I intend to call ui on my day off in a few days and I'm holding off certifying till then. But should I expect to start a new claim? I read they I herit the old company's ui but I noticed online when I went to certify it's under my old owners name when I click the company rather then the new one. Just trying to figure out what to expect is all

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    The new company does not "inherit" anything.  They either bought the whole company, lot stock & barrel or they bought only a portion of the company.  You did not work for the new company so do not stop the old and start a new claim.  Continue with the claim you started.

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    If you worked there before try applying again. It saves them time and money for training.

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    You cannot start a new claim until a year after you started the old one.  Until then, you have to continue with the old claim.

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  • 1 month ago

    No. Your claim is attached to you, not your employer.

    Your claim is related to the company you were working at prior to getting laid off or the company where you were working when your hours were reduced.  This doesn't change.

    When you certify for benefits and work part-time, you specify the company you worked for.

    - until the transition is complete this is the old company.

    - once you start getting paid by the new company, it's the new company.

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