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Is it ok to eat bread twice a day as long as your diet is varied enough otherwise?

Ok so I eat a lot of carbs anyway, but as a kid I always had toast for breakfast and then sandwiches among other things for lunches, with a full cooked dinner when I was at home. I never eat breakfast in the mornings anymore but I kinda just wanted a safety net in case I ever got a morning job. I like some other breakfast foods, like yogurt and eggs (which I'm hesitant to do in future anyway as they run out so fast) I can't stand the taste of oatmeal/porridge, and it never affected me badly as a kid from what I remember. So would this be okay for future?


Sorry, forgot to say - I eat a lot of fruit, veggies, potatoes, pasta, meat otherwise, I don't literally live on just bread lol. So I thought my diet was varied enough otherwise.

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    Sounds fine to me, as long as you have a balanced diet overall. You may want to drink milk, almond milk, juice or something else on the side to add more nutrition and another food group. Or eat some fruit too.

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