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Should human animals aliens be kind free people aliens animals peace with nature?

We live good life and we are healthy happy human life.  Should people free and peace with nature and life?  The protection of life like human must be responsible like aliens or animals like human. People at peace living well nice so life kind right life . Be strong do not eat animals meat. So animals aliens do not eat human or jail human please stop butcher animals human aliens please stop touch pet being in same house with human aliens animals. Everyone can be peace happy when you stop eating ir pet or harming pet human aliens. Money do not buy cut harm dead or alive human animals or aliens. Can human be kind and peace freindly with aliems and animals aywan.  The people human should work to free live well with nature.  

 Abdull Tarzi 2021

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    Tsar Nicolas 2nd was stopping the antichrist from coming to power. Once the tsar was removed, 70 million people in his country died in gulags or by disease or by famine or by shooting squads. Since 1917, antichrist's kingdom (worldwide communism) is building up. Soon WW3 will happen in order to ban religion; antichrist will claim that only he can make peace on the earth; deceived people will believe him (very sad story indeed).

    Source(s): To break any curse, pray the Psalm "the LORD is my light and my salvation" 40 times per day for 40 consecutive days (that's 1600 times in total). Once the curse is broken, pray that Psalm three times daily (saint Pelageya of Ryazan promised this would keep witchcraft away from you). Sleep paralysis is caused by demons; demons never do good; sleep paralysis is stopped if you pray to Jesus, Theotokos Virgin Mary, saint Vyacheslav Krasheninnikov or someone on their level. Jesus is Creator; Virgin Mary is His Mother; Vyacheslav Krasheninnikov is His angel.
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