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Amazon music vs spitify?

I have Spotify and it has been great had every song I wanted easy to use but then I bundled it with Hulu and my bill is around 15$  soon after I signed up for amazon prime for the shipping and with prime comes prime video, prime music so instead of paying $ to Amazon then to Spotify and Hulu i could drop Hulu and Spotify seeing as prime has a video service and a music service. My thing is I go through times where I listen to music allot. So I just want to make sure prime music is at least as good as Spotify it dont have to be better than. Like there are no adds with my Spotify. I can skip songs forward and backward as many times as I want. Pause. Down load songs, shair songs, favoret songs, and so far I have made a play list with at least 2 to 300 likes songs  is prime music as good as all that?( I know there is laied survice with prime music. Thats not the one I am talking about ) 

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