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Blood sugar levels ?

I had rapid heart rate, cold numbing hands and feet, fatigued, anxious, shaky, dizzy and hungry. So I ate a slice of pizza and drank a Powerade. Then I used a friends glucose meter after I ate to check my blood sugar and it’s 107. Is that good? 


I also like to add at times I have very dry mouth and feel very thirsty. 

Update 2:

About 3-4 hours before my episode I had an açaí bowl with fruit. 

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    How long after you had the pizza did you have this reading? If it was l 2 hours or less, that is in the normal range. You might be hypoglycemic. Either way, You need to see a medical doctor 

    Why do so many people seem to Want to be diabetic. Do you think you will get more sympathy or something? For me being a type 1 diabetic is normal. My autobiographical memory had not completely kicked in when I was diagnosed at 26 months old, but I do remember What it was like right before I was diagnosed. 

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    Your age, weight and time your tested are factors. 

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