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What was bruce lee's cause of death?

On Netflix I watched a very old movie named enter the dragon. 

The movie isn't what I was concerned about really. I later learned that Bruce Lee died at age 32 only.

Age 32 isn't natural age to die. And he also appeared very physically fit and quite athletic

It said he was having a headache and he took a nap and then never got up. How come? That's sounds very unusual for 32 year old

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    According to the coroner's inquest, Bruce Lee died from cerebral edema of the brain (swelling of the brain) that resulted from an allergic reaction to the headache medicine he took.

    He didn't simply took a nap after getting a headache.  He took a couple of pills call Equagesic which is a common painkiller containing aspirin and a tranquilizer known as meprobamate.

    Although not stated in the inquest's report, cerebral edema is a known  side effect for anabolic steroids.  In the 1960's, people did not know about the dangers of steroids and its use was very common among athletes and bodybuilders. And the side effect does not have to kick in immediately, but could take years to do so like a ticking time bomb. There were some unsubstantiated claims that Bruce Lee used steroids. Whether he actually used it, we will never know. 

    You need to separate the image of health from true health.   Appearance is deceptive. Just because someone looks healthy, does not mean in fact they are. For example, if you had compared Bruce Lee to Chuck Norris back when they was young, it would be very easy to say Lee was more fit and healthier than Norris.  But Chuck Norris is 80 years old and still living a very active life married to a woman 22 years younger than him.

    You can admire Bruce Lee for his accomplishments. But you should also learn from his mistakes.

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    The official cause listed on the death certificate is "death by misadventure". More specifically, he actually had a brain edema which caused him headaches and seizures for a brief time before his actual death for which he sought medical help while in Hong Kong. Later, when complaining about headaches, his mistress gave him a prescription pain killer and he laid down for a nap. He never woke up. It is speculated he had an allergic reaction to the prescription pain killer.

    There were rumors swirling around that he had been the victim of a technique called the "dim mak", but those are baseless. Also, Lee did take stimulants regularly, and additionally, there was cannabis found in his stomach during his autopsy; whether or not those had any impact remains uncertain (although stimulants would stand to reason as a contributor).

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