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Why does my LG "smart" TV take so long to load it's own settings menus?

Like if I just want to adjust some general settings, it loads for at least 5 seconds just to bring up each menu. This TV is brand new. Is that normal? My 15 year old TV would bring up settings as soon as you hit the button. I mean, this TV is not slow with apps or anything like that, it's just painfully slow when I want bring up settings, or adjust the picture. The package touted a "quad-core processor". Did LG cheap out on this, or is there something wrong with mine?

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    Many LG Smart TVs do typically take a few seconds to do as you have described.

    With older non-smart TVs if you pressed a menu button the command went straight through very simple process of activating very simple programs on internal chips. 

    With LG’s smart TV models, almost everything you tell the TV to do goes through LG’s really nasty, clunky, unintuitive and inconsistent operating system. It. Is. Painfully. Slow...

    More expensive LG models using a different Android-based OS are far nicer to use but even they have those annoying spinning beads on screen when you make even very simple command requests. But they seem to be marginally faster than the models using LG’s own OS.

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