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Who is better Metallica vs Megadeth?

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  • 1 month ago

    I prefer Metallica.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It's better to listen to the birds in my yard.

  • Andrew
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    1 month ago

    I much prefer Megadeth overall. Metallica's early material benefited from Mustaine's songwriting contributions. Megadeth have certainly been far more consistent over the course of their career. Both bands released strong material over the course of their classic era - for Metallica that would be the period between "Kill 'Em All" and the self titled 'Black Album', while for Megadeth that would be "Killing Is My Business..." to "Countdown to Extinction." I think anyone who really and truly loves metal and actually knows something about it would have to give the edge to Megadeth there. 

    Next would come the period of time where both bands were attempting to find their footing in the mid 90s and on into the 2000s. Both bands made some severe missteps during that time, but Metallica hasn't released an album worth listening to, much less actually purchasing, in nearly 30 years. Megadeth have released more than their fair share of clunkers, but they've also put out some pretty good stuff as well, and while they experimented with attempting to become more mainstream by softening their sound and slowing things down, that mistake was short lived for them whereas with Metallica it's become a mantra which has come to define their approach to songwriting for three decades running. 

    Poseurs still flock to Metallica's corner. Real metalheads were bored with this unimaginative and lazy comparison back in the 80s. Obviously style is a matter of preference, but look at it this way: Imagine if just for kicks each band were to agree to take a stab at doing their own version of the other's record, i.e.: Megadeth agrees to churn out their own version of "Ride the Lightning" or 'The Black Album' while Metallica are tasked with reproducing "Peace Sells" or "Countdown to Extinction." Metallica would be dead in the water. There's no way those pillocks could possibly pull that off, but it would be a cinch for Megadeth. 

    Megadeth is an infinitely superior band in each and every way that it's possible for one band to be better than another. 

  • 1 month ago

    NEITHER!   I will always see Megadeth as a bunch of talentLESS heroin addicts because that is exactly what they have ALWAYS been!

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Metallica's best work is better than Megadeth's best work. If you want to give Dave some of the credit for Metallica's first two albums that is fine because he co wrote 6 songs but there is still a pretty decent gap between the two bands. Does anyone really believe that Peace Sells and  Rust in Peace are better than Ride the Lightning or Mater of Puppets?

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