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I'm a dog owner for over 56 years. I feel like I've wasted my life with dogs after watching I Hate Dogs on YouTube?

So I was watching I Hate Dogs on YouTube and he was saying things that triggered me. After a while I did my research and the info he was saying turned out to be true.

Us Dog owners put dogs on a pedestal. We treat them better than our own children. I admit I did.

Why do us dog owners (and media) like to dismiss the fact that dogs are dangerous around children? Why do we continue to put children at risk?

So many children have died or at least have gotten injured from the family dog and from stray dogs.

I don't hate dogs as much as this guy does, I just think us dog owners need to see a therapist because we are probably suffering from trauma or mental illness and we don't know it yet.

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  • TK
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    1 month ago

    Almost every dog bite can be prevented if the adults are capable of seeing what the dog is saying, if the child is being properly monitored and not allowed to hurt the dog.  Instead, adults treat the dog as if it should take any abuse the child inflicts and not ever defend itself.  I've seen adults grab the dog that was trying to leave the scene and bring it back so the child can get in its face some more, can pull its ears, can raise its lip.  Even when the dog is moving away, is giving the "wall-eye", is licking its lips.  Adults are supposed to be smarter than the dog, but they fail at understanding anything about dog behavior - at the cost of the dog's life in many circumstances.  

    When I was a child, decades past, if the family dog bit you it was considered a self-inflicted injury.  The first question out of the adults' mouth was "What did you do to the dog?"  It was accepted that the dog was a good dog and the child needed to learn to not bother it to the point where it bit.  It was considered a learning experience, kind of like learning to not stand behind the horse and pull its tail.  

    Nowadays people think the dog should think and act like a human instead of a dog.  That's crazy.  A dog is a dog.  They communicate with us like a dog, with a lot of body language.  If the person can't understand what the dog is saying, then who's fault is that? 

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    You are easily influenced and not very bright.

  • ?
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    1 month ago

    Quote: " I  just think us dog owners need to see a therapist because we are probably suffering from trauma or mental illness and we don't know it yet."

    Duh....Speak for  yourself you silly misguided fool. 

    Anyone who posts such rubbish as you have must surely be mentally deranged and probably gets off on all the indignant replies. 

    Unfortunately  there is no cure for such ignorance from someone who forgets the good and wonderful things that many dogs do for the human race and that have really earned the Title  "Mans best friend".

    Without the help of dogs, many people would have died eg: SAR dogs.

    Many blind people would not be so independent. Guide dogs.

    Many criminals would escape. eg: Police dogs. 

    Many drug dealers would still be on the streets. eg: sniffer dogs.

    Many more soldiers would Bomb and mine detector dogs.

    The humble companion dog gives lonely people a reason to get up each day.

    But all you can do is incite anger by posting some one off bad things about dogs that are more than likely been made by the lack of training and care or abuse by some ignorant human. 

    GO take your prejudices somewhere else please as YOU are not welcome on this site, and to cap it all you feel the need to spout your prejudices under the disguise of Anonymous. Flaming Coward !!!! 

    56 YEARS.......GO 

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  • 1 month ago

    FGS Megan / Anna.....

    I'll just quote you  

    " I just think us dog owners need to see a therapist because we are probably suffering from trauma or mental illness and we don't know it yet"

    Or rather that should read....  'I just think I need to see'   as YOU certainly do with the amount of this stuff you put on this group.   

    Nobody is listening.  

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  • 1 month ago

    Then go to a therapist and post your crap in the Mental Health Section.  Bye bye.

  • 1 month ago

    What? Any animal can be dangerous around kids. Kids are annoying and will annoy an animal, thus making the animal do whatever they can to tell the kid to stop. Pets are better than people.

  • 1 month ago

    BULL-SH#, you've been a dog owner for 56 years.  BULL,  you now feel so ENLIGHTENED after viewing one video (by a NOBODY) you wasted your life (with dogs).  You're just a pathetic (and lonely) TROLL.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I'll bet you're only 5 or 6 years old.

  • 1 month ago

    Ok Megan/Anna..  get over yourself.

    You're going to post a video that right off claims that "dogs attack for no reason" and believe that it's a valid video?   Lol

    Animals don't attack "for no reason"..  NONE do. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Ok, Megan, whatever. I will give you props for trolling at a new angle though, good for you.

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