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How to prevent eye from getting worse ?

Took a knee to the eye and it swelled up instantly. My dumbass thought that heat compression would make it feel better until I realized... that was a big mistake so yeah- regrets, I can barely open my eye now 

Is there any way I can prevent a black eye or it swelling any further. Or is there any way I can open my eye fast enough before tomorrow afternoon? Thanks 

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    With any type blunt injury,, such as a knee to your face......................

    A blunt impact forces the eye back into its socket, possibly damaging the structures at the surface (the lid, conjunctiva, sclera, cornea and lens) and those at the back of the eye (retina and nerves) Such an impact may break bones around the eye as well.

    In the first 24 hours after an injury, blood leaking into the skin around the eye usually produces a bruise (contusion), commonly called a black eye. If a blood vessel on the surface of the eye breaks ,the surface will become red.......

    Ice packs usually help with swelling and a bit with pain when an black eye occurs. By the second day some warm compresses can be applied and this helps the body to absorb the excess blood that may have accumulated. 

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    You can't prevent anything. Ice will help the huge swelling from becoming any bigger but that's about it. And even then, what you have there is an absolutely huge shiner. Expect it to bruise, turn into a black eye. Give it two three weeks to disappear. 

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    Ice packs, an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen, and time.  Don't know that you'll get any improvement in 24 hours.

    Icing on and off will help reduce swelling, but it can't really undo what's happened.  You may find that by tomorrow bruising will appear. It could be more swollen or slightly less.  

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    Try an ice pack wrapped in a towel. Never put anything directly on your eye.

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