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I’m really nervous about this?!?

So I recently started talking to this new guy. He’s honestly amazing and everything I could ever ask for. I’m 19 and met him at work. I had to leave the job to go back to school and I got his Snapchat and we’ve been talking ever since. He makes it super obvious he likes me. He asked me out and calls me beautiful and asked for my number and stuff. We send pics to each other every so often but it’s only been a couple of weeks since I left the job. 

I know I’m pretty but I’m still a little insecure. I send pics to him but it’s a good angle and during the day time. However I do not use filters or anything like that. He always compliments them and we worked together so he knows what I look like and stuff. But still he asked to face time this weekend and I’m really nervous. I did it with my ex bf and it was really awkward. I don’t wanna look unflattering or anything because I never know how to hold the camera and stuff like that. I’m probably overthinking but I’m really nervous. What do I do?

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    I was kinda the same way with my current bf when we first did long distance. Now I've grown out of it because to remain in that mindset is very dangerous. The fact is you are most beautiful when you are confident. Make yourself look nice and then call and put your insecurities behind you so you can focus on enjoying him and chatting because you are BEAUTIFUL just the way he said it. Believe me, insecurities are like anti-boyfriend-spray. Guys are repelled by insecurities and adore confidence so take that to your advantage. Plus, if you two are meant to be together, any flaws of yours will not only not bother him, but he will also grow to love them. After all, facing your fears confidently is a lot better than letting your insecurities win and not growing and communicating via video chat. 

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