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How hard is calculus ? ?

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    If you like math, calculus is not hard. Math was my best subject. History was my hardest. It depends of the passion you have with anything you do in life. The rainbow has different colors, music different sounds and food different taste. Don't feel bad if math is difficult for you. I have a friend who is great lawyer. But in math he was not good at it. Try calculus and see what happens . Wish you the best.

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    Like most things, the basic concepts are simple.  Differential calculus is like finding the rate of something, how many per time interval.  Like if you have a pipe that is spurting water at various flows, it might be 10 ml / sec at time 0, and 14 ml / sec at the 10 second mark.

    Integral calculus is like measuring the total amount of water that came out of the pipe between two times.  Like, maybe 95 ml came out between time 0 and 15 seconds.

    My 4th and 5th grade classes were able to understand the concepts, and even do some simple (conceptual) derivatives and definite integrals.

    So I would say, no harder than algebra.  Unfortunately, some people hear the word "Calculus," or "Algebra," and are shut down by fear.

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    I remember passing calc 1-3 without too much difficulty. However, I have not used it in 23 years so I do not remember any of it. Trigonometry too. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Well, in the 17th century, no one understood calculus.

    In the 18th century, a few guys understood it.

    Now everyone is supposed to understand it.

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    for me.. Integral calculus is harder than deferential calculus.

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    Calculus is not hard at all. I don't know why people think it is. If you are ok with algebra, calculus has just one more step. The majority of a calc problem is algebra. 

    Of course, there are problems in advanced level calculus that can be hard, but isn't that true of every subject. 

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    A calculus course is easy if your grasp on intermediate algebra is very firm.  Nearly all students' difficulties with calculus arise from an insufficient knowledge of high-school level algebra.

    Source(s): I taught everything from fifth-grade arithmetic through algebra and calculus and differential equations. Also a good deal of physics and engineering.
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    It's 42 hard.                      

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