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Is it hard to a be high functioning autistic adult ?

And to be from a family that doesn't help you out at all with anything? 

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    1 month ago

    Having mild Autism is hard whether you're an adult or a child, especially in America. That's because our society is extremely discriminatory towards anyone who is even remotely "different" from whatever the current standard of "normal" happens to be- and that standard can change by the minute, at least in some circumstances.

    I'm mildly Autistic myself, and no, I didn't get any special help from my family while I was growing up. And I have paid an enormous price for being "different" for most of my life. In the minds of far too many people, being "different" because of Autism also means that one is "unacceptable".

    Autism is NOT a disease. You can't "catch" Autistic disorders by being around someone who has them. People with Autism disorders aren't "sick", and we aren't "broken". What we ARE instead is badly MISUNDERSTOOD, and often severely MISTREATED because of that. Autistic people don't need to be "fixed". What we need is ACCEPTANCE and RESPECT from the people around us. Too many of us, however, never get even that much.

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