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Is the hyundai accent fun to drive or not?

My local dealership has a couple for just $16,700 which i don't even have to finance i can just pay cash. Is this car a atleast a little fun to drive?  i can't afford a sports car. Would it be a good choice? 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Reality.  The car is a grocery getter or one that takes you to work in the pouring you get there dry.  Do that every day and FUN never comes into the picture.  You earn money or you spend money.  The car is the TOOL that gets you there.   FUN never entered the picture.     

    Every car is subject to the same laws of gravity & momentum that every other car has.  Drifting around a corner and slamming into a concrete wall is FUN FOR THE BODYSHOP WHO HAS TO REPAIR THE CAR AND YOU GOT TO PAY THEM.  It is a job.  Next time try a roll over = More damage= higher costs at repair shop to fix your bucket of bolts.  Maybe you are injured, with a broken neck.  It happens.  A wheelchair is all you can drive now.(if you lived through the roll over and the burst into flames) Watch a movie.  They all burst into flames.    No matter if it is the General Lee Dodge Charger (they had 13 extra cars on the shooting of the show "Dukes of Hazzard" just because the other ones would get damaged.   Also had stunt drivers doing the stunts - just in case they got injured. on a stunt that went too far (so horribly wrong.)

    Sounds like it is near to being your FIRST CAR.  Buy a beater that costs a couple hundred from a private sale.  If you destroy the car, you are out only a couple hundred.   Repeat.  You can afford many beater cars...hell I got some for free that were not damaged on the outside and ran good. You can't go wrong with FREE.

  • Jay P
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    "Fun" is a completely subjective term.

    I would rate the Accent 'fun' factor to be one step above a refrigerator, about on par with a microwave with a burned-out bulb.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Go drive one and find out dumbass. If you can't do that you're a fool. 

  • F
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    No it’s a white good, as exciting as a refrigerator or washing machine.

    Pretty average performance and handling, just boring. 

    If you want fun go for a Subaru WRX, a Honda Civic type R, Golf GTi, Focus ST, 

    Etc OK , you won’t get new , but they won’t depreciate like a new Hyundai.

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  • Barry
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Why don't you test drive it and find out? These cars are very reliable and economical. Fun? You decide.

  • Anton
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    I can have fun with ANY vehicle.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Fun to drive is kind of silly.  I mean, when I had a 5 speed, it could be said it was fun to drive but as I got older, its just a pain to have to shift.

    I would suggest a USED, not new car and not a subcompact. Get a compact.  Lots of people who buy subcompacts end up hating them because they are too small.

    Civic ranks very high overall. Mazda3 ranks high for performance. Corolla has poor pickup but great reliability. Hyundai is not the greatest. The 2016 has poor performance.  In number terms for performance, Mazda3 is 9.1, Civic is 8.6 and Elantra is 6.1.  On the plus side, Elantra is cheaper because its just not as good.

    The only good thing about Hyundai is the 10 year 100k warranty for the original owner only. But few people keep a car 10 years and chances are none will have any big issues for 100k miles anyway.

    I would suggest finding a low mileage used car from a private party priced at no more than private party value. Then take a long test drive and if you like it and want it, pay $75-200 to have a mechanic look it over.  You may be able to find one that is still under the 5 year 60k mile power train warranty. It goes by the date sold so you have to call with the vin # to know for sure.

    That's what I did about 4 and a half years ago. My car had about 4 months left on the power train. But I have no had an issue with it.  

    I got mine from, it was a drug seizure about an hour away and the only issue was what looks like a small joint burn in the drivers seat. But I saved $3000-4000 off dealer prices so I can live with it.

    I did not get to drive mine but I rode with a guy who got it up to 70 without any problems. That and the power train warranty and low miles gave me the confidence to spend the $9000 that I did on my Mazda3.

    I paid cash.

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