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Is lower LDL and blood sugar a sign of a healthy liver?

I've had elevated liver enzymes over the past 2 years.  AST has ranged 50-70 and ALT has been about 15 points higher than AST.  No symptoms.  I'm a male in my late 30s, and otherwise healthy.


I recently went for a fingerprick cholesterol and blood sugar test at the pharmacy (work pays us to do this every year).  LDL, A1C, and fasting blood sugar were much lower than I've ever seen them, and HDL was higher than I've ever seen it.  The pharmacy does not test for liver enzymes.  

LDL was 80. It is usually 100-120, and I've never seen it below 95.

Blood sugar was 80, and I've never seen it below 88. Usually it is 95-100.

A1C was 4.5. Usually it is 4.9-5.2.

HDL was 75, and it is usually 65-70.


I have not lost weight since my last blood test, I haven't been eating any healthier, and I haven't been exercising any more than before, so I was pleasantly stunned to see such good numbers.  I have been drinking a LOT less over the last 15 months though.  Could it be that my numbers are healthier because my liver is finally recovering from the drinking I was doing between 2004 and 2019, and now my cholesterol and sugars are healthier as a result?


I'm due for a liver blood test next month, so I'll find out for sure.  But for now, I'm wondering to what extent a lower LDL and blood sugar are a sign of a healthy liver.  I do not understand the 




To be clear, I am not diabetic - But I think this is the best thread for my question.  I don't fully understand the link between cholesterol/sugar and the liver.

Update 2:

BlkBear - I know that these numbers are within reference ranges - but what I'm pointing out is the trend.  It's a positive trend showing numbers healthier than I've ever seen.  Even taking into account the error in the fingerstick method, these numbers are healthier.  Are you saying there is NO connection AT ALL between cholesterol/sugar and liver?

Update 3:

Andy C - Do not refer me to a book.  Answer the question yourself.

Update 4:

BlkBear - You still are not answering my question.  My fingerstick values have been consistent with my venepuncture values.  I know that fingerstick tests are less accurate, but until just now, they were relatively in the ballpark.  Now, all of a sudden, they are significantly lower.  Even if you account for a greater error for fingerstick, the difference is still significant.  So are you saying that this difference is not significant enough to be a result of improved liver function? 

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    I'm going to save your life.  

    Well, tell you how to save yourself. 

    Source(s): Liver health determines body and brain health. Liver function enzyme tests are absolutely related to blood sugar, cholesterol and even adult acne. Read "Fat Chance..." by Dr. Robert Lustig, M.D.
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    I'm saying that the results from the A1c and cholesterol test, won't really have any barring on your liver health enzyme test. The reduction of your alcohol consumption may or may not, considering there is no way to tell if the lower amount you are still drinking, is still too high at this point, until you get another liver enzyme test.

    So wait until you get those results, and ask the doctor/lab, if your hdl/ldl and A1c results, have any bearing on the outcome of the enzyme numbers, good or bad. 

    Now drinking less may have a slight change in your A1c and cholesterol levels, but you state you are drinking less, and from the looks of the numbers you posted, they are in line with what they have been. If I had yo make a guess on the "better" numbers, less drinking was the boost, verses a "healthier" liver. 

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