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How are Charles of Wales and Cammila of Cornwall providing  needed supervision of the Commonwealth when the Queen is too infirmed with age ?

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    HM will never be so infirmed that Charles and Camilla would be a better option. Even post-mortem HM would be a better supervisor. 

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    It's that petty, anonymous poster yet again caving into her/his obsession with Charles and Camilla.

    The Queen is not "too infirmed with age." The Queen is quite capable of doing her job. She does now share responsibilities with her son and heir, and is also showing her grandson and future monarch, William, the workings of the monarchy. Charles and William are taking on more responsibilities as are their wives, who are taking on more charitable, foundation works.

    You already knew this.

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    Who is Charles of Wales and Camilla of Cornwall troll. There is a Prince of Wales and Dutchess of Cornwall if that's who you mean and they won't need any supervision why the hell would they 

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