Trying to find title of this old claymation ?

Apologize in advance for vagueness, but been trying to track down this claymation for years. Not even sure if it was a movie, special, or episode of a TV show. Here's all i can remember from first 10/15 minutes from when i saw it on tv in early-mid 90s.

-Young boy travelling SOMEWHERE, i believe with either a cake or pie.

-Runs across either a tree, or scarecrow-ish figure and its companion.

-When boy isn't looking, the tree/s-crow swaps around a road sign, sending boy in wrong direction.

-bow eventually enters an old house, door shuts behind him and SOMETHING starts following him.

At that point, chest-clutchy over protective mom turned off tv and shooed me away. I've tried so many YouTube searches with any and all descriptions i can think of, can't find it. hoping to try my luck here.

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