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why do generic brands for medications exist????

so I just signed up for health insurance and can only afford a really crap insurance atm (god bless Merica smh) and recently been wanting to get Ativan to treat my anxiety...apparently, my new insurance doesn't cover it and as I was looking for a different kind of medications I noticed it didn't cover any names brands...however, they do cover most of those in their generic brands...

my question is, is there a difference between the named brands vs the generic brand medications? Do they contain the same ingredients and doses as the named brand ones? If so then what's the point of it? besides being cheaper...

I seriously hate our healthcare system smh. 

oh and I can't even go to the ER because it doesn't cover it, only up to a certain percent I believe it's up to 40% and the rest is my responsibility...Urgent care visits and doctor visits are $65 which is $30 more than what I paid under my employer's insurance. I guess it's better than paying hundreds for a simple check-up. 

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  • Sky
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    4 weeks ago

    Because with generics you are no longer paying for the name, and they are far cheaper for those who can't afford the name brands or simply don't want to pay that much (even insurance copays are higher with name brands).  You're getting the exact same medication manufactured by a different pharmaceutical company, or in some cases the original manufacturer of the name brand product (for example, Pfizer manufactures Greenstone brand generics of their name brand drugs).  Regardless of who manufactures them, pharmaceuticals are bound by law and FDA regulations to follow the exact same standards of production in their ingredient quality, sanitary or aseptic (sterile) conditions, documentation, etc. that the big name brand manufacturers do.  They are also subjected to the exact same audits by customers and FDA inspectors.  If they fail audits or, much worse yet, have to issue recalls of their products due to quality problems or the resulting illness or death of consumers using those products, the penalties can range from fines to the FDA coming in and taking over the management and oversight of their operation, to being outright shut down.  In all cases a huge penalty is the loss of good reputation and the ensuing loss of sales revenue because of the lost trust by customers.  So no generic pharmaceutical maker who wants to remain in business is going to risk losing their business due to shoddy practices.

    With generics there might be slight variations in the inactive ingredients (a little less sugar here, a different flavoring or coloring there) but the active ingredients are exactly the same in content, quality, and dosage.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I just wanted to say a few simple things: 

    Yes, they are the same. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you're fine with the generic brands. That's a good thing

    Some of us can't even afford insurance and you're gripping at $65. Some of us go without an awful lot and you want everything paid for you. I've dealt with anxiety, among other things for 20 years, no medication whatsoever and I'm not even 40!! Puritans Pride can only do so much. S-M-H Stupid merica

    Quit griping, count your blessings. 

  • 1 month ago

    Generic brands are the same but cheaper. Drug companies pay many millions to research and develop new medication so they have to charge a lot to recover costs and make a profit. Other companies can then copy the formula and produce the same thing at a lower cost. 

    Ativan is not good for you long term. You can reduce anxiety with ashwagandha or  L-theanine. Also take B vitamins. 

  • Gary K
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    1 month ago

    Generic brand medicines are bioequivalent to their brand name counterparts. They are heavily regulated so there's no good reason not to use them, unless your doctor says otherwise. 

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  • 1 month ago

    You hate our healthcare system but on the flip side you don't even know how it works.

    I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT DOESN'T DICTATE THE HEALTHCARE TREATMENT THAT I GET.- There are questions on here everyday from people in the UK who haven't been able to get regular medical care since last February.  DISGUSTING.

    You are misunderstanding your health insurance plan.  With a bronze plan you have chosen a lower premium and higher out of pocket cost for treatment.  With your plan until you meet your annual deductible, you will pay 40% out of pocket (not pay 40%). 

    Your insurance covers name brands, just like every other insurance.  however, you are required to try the generic first (which has the same ingredients).  If it doesn't work, your doctor would apply to get you the name brand drug.

    I'd be really less quick to jump on a benzo than you appear to be.

    I would guess that if you haven't tried many drugs first, a doctor isn't going to prescribe you a benzo. 

  • 1 month ago

    Generic brands may LIST the exact same ingredients as a name brand, BUT~~ the ingredients that are in a generic brand generally are not as high quality as what is in a name brand drug. That is why, for the longest time, I could not get my arthritis to stop aching when I took generic brand 'tylenol'. I would buy the store brand, take it, ache like a dog, and when I told the pharmacist they insisted that their generic was supposedly just as good as the ingredients were exactly the same. After doing research I found out that even though the ingredients used to make the store brand were exactly the same thing, they were being purchased from companies that were producing poor quality. Sort of like making two pies, one is made with premium apples, one is made with rotton apples. They are both apple pies, but one is better than the other. It sucks because so many name brand drugs are beyond expensive and people are doing without what they need as they cannot afford the high cost. 

  • TC
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    1 month ago

    Generic medication costs less than brand-name drugs. 

    Generics are made to work the same way as brand-name drugs. They have the same active ingredient and are the same as brand-name medications when it comes to:


    Dosage (how much and how often you take it)


    Route of administration (how you take it)

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I promise you my insurance is worse than yours. And all my meds are generic.

    Generic meds are IDENTICAL.  But feel free to pay more out of your pocket for name brand.

    Ativan should be avoided. Try Theanine or Magnesium Glycinate. 

  • *
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    1 month ago

    Generic brands are much the same, and usually significantly cheaper.

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