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Should I visit Walt Disney World?


i think it could have more to do with money that Amtrak is not giving a cheaper option a lighter weighted carriage, and better air filters, a bit more privacy, smaller carts. restraints. etc. accomodation for a cat to go longer. they should do something. so far they are promising luxury carts. i also need an apartment rental. and more money

Update 2:

i am going to have to ask Amtrak, am i wasting your fuel and money? what about Disney, is this the best time to go?

Update 3:

the fact is, even if Disney denied me, so what? 

they will refund my ticket.i still supported Amtrak for someone else's ride and it is always a gamble. head back home, don't stay in the Florida apartment.stay out of trouble!

Update 4:

there is already a private cart going on right now on amtrak, but it will cost double and a lot more.

Update 5:

it just has trickier price rate. the problem is i want to bring my cat along.

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    No. its boring, expensive and a waste.

    You pay big bucks to see fictional characters which are under paid teenagers or F list actors.

    Then you walk around looking at expensive shyt that you can't have.

    Then you bump into fat parents and their narcissist kids begging to see an underpaid teenagers dressed up as Goofy. Not realizing how much he hates his job.

    You are better off having a family picnic at a park bbqing and playing games like sack races.

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