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Best dog breeds to be a therapy dog?

Hi I’m conflicted in what dog breed would be suited to be my therapy dog/ (in Australia) autism assistance dog.I thought I might adopt a lab but for some reason they give me allergies. I would train the family dog but she has the anxious poodle personality and she likes my brother too much.I want a dog that can come with me everywhere and will happily just lay down and be quiet and cuddle with me in bed when I go to sleep.Thanks. 


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    A STUFFED one. you don't need a service dog and can't have one since you are not disabled and only want a dog to haul around every where

    If you want something to haul around and sleep with then get a stuffed dog. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Therapy dogs are SERVICE DOGS and are specially trained.  Emotional Support Dogs are glorified house pets.  Why does an autistic person need a service dog?  And as far as "liking your brother too much," what does THAT have to do with anything.  A dog you buy for a "service dog" might like him better, too.  There is no way to force a dog to "happily just lay down and be quiet and cuddle with" you in bed.  I would discuss this with your mental health counselor.  You are, at best, confused.

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    Labs, Poodles, and Golden Retrievers are the best for service work. Also, service dogs are task trained to mitigate a disability, the dog must be task trained to mitigate your disability, or it's not a service dog.

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    A Therapy dog is a dog that goes into hospitals, nursing homes to visit the patients.  You do not need a Therapy Dog, it is not what you think it is.  All you need is a pet, any kind of pet that is lovable & sweet.  I do not think that there are Service Dogs for autism.  All you need is an ESA, Emotional Support Animal.  There are not requirements for an ESA.  No training is necessary cause it is just a pet to keep you company & there when your emotions are off kilter.  Any kind of dog you like would be fine.  There are no special requirements for an ESA.  It is just a pet & nothing more.

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  • 1 month ago

    A well bred standard poodle.

    There is NO "anxious poodle personality"..  anxiety is a trait of an individual dog, not for an entire breed..   most anxiety in dogs is due to lack of training, lack of socializing, and not giving the dog adequate exercise.

    A coddled lap dog that isn't treated like a dog will often develop anxiety.

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