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Is 85 octane really e85 in the Midwest?

I'm asking because it just says plain unleaded at the gas pumps in Wyoming but there's also one that's like $0.40 higher that says it's super unleaded but the lower one says 85 The higher one is 87 octane


And my car is used to the 89 octane being the lowest unleaded ones so the super unleaded is like 91 I think

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    85 octane is not E85. Wyoming allows the sale of 85 octane due to the high altitudes. Most states don't. E85 is 85% alcohol and should ONLY be used in flex fuel vehicles regardless of what octane it is.

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    @Geo: Gas comes in 110 Octane Low lead  ("blue" for aircraft) and 110 leaded for racing in the US.  Other octanes in other countries,.  Saying  " gasoline" leaves you  wide open to AvGas and Racing blends, too.  If you say:"MoGas in the US". you are right.

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    4 weeks ago

    E85 is ethanol.

    That's alcohol.

    Not gasoline.

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    No, E85 is 85% ethanol. It may be pretty high octane, but it's energy content is lots lower than equivalent octane gasoline. It does not provide as much mpg as gasoline, so it gets used up quicker. E85 is only for flex fuel vehicles because it is corrosive to fuel systems that are not flex fuel compatible. Alcohol eats up rubber fuel lines too.

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  • David
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    There are different blends of gasoline for different parts of the country.  High altitude areas do not need as much octane because the air is less dense.  So you will see lower octane ratings on the pump at high altitudes.  E85 is completely different, that is the amount of ethanol in the blend, not the octane rating.  Do not ever put E85 in a vehicle unless it's rated for it.  You can do serious expensive damage.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Ive seen E85 in AZ. I don't member its octane, but it refers to 85% Ethanol.

        My  1980  runs like crap on it. Never again,  even  though its cheaper .I'd Never put  it in my '15 Mazda nor my Harley, not Ever. Even if both were "ok" with it.. Personal Choice,

  • Scott
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    No, E85 indicates the ethanol (alcohol) content of the fuel. You DO NOT want to use E85 in a motorcycle.

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    e85 is 88 octane. I've never seen 85 octane. 87 octane is regular unleaded gasoline and has 10% ethanol in it.

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    No gasoline in the US is 85 octane. 87, 89 and 91+ are Regular, Plus and Premium or Super. E85 is mostly Ethanol. Those are Federal Standards, I don't think States can change that. But I guess they don't have to offer every grade either.

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    There are three grades of unleaded gasoline.

    E-85 refers to 85% Ethanol, for use in Flex fuel vehicles.

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