What is the best option for a natural gas floor furnace replacement?

I have an older home with a floor furnace.  My furnace went out and the gas company said it can't be repaired.  We get some really harsh winters with sub zero temperatures.  We had some days with a wind chill of -10 degrees fahrenheit.  The whole house is about 940 square feet and heated by a single floor furnace.  

I was quoted $3,000 to have my old furnace removed and a new gas floor furnace professionally installed.  They want about $10,000 to install a furnace with ductwork.

What would be the best option for heating this home?    Electric would require wiring as my current wiring won't handle a space heater.  Turned on the Sunheat then turned on the dishwasher and blew a fuse.  

I feel the floor furnace is quite antiqueish, but replacement might be the best option????   I have no heat in the house so your help is appreciated.

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  • Droopy
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    1 month ago

    How does the floor furnace heat the house? If it able to heat all the rooms to a comfortable temperature then that maybe the way to go.  Its definitely gonna be the fastest.  Which being in the middle of winter is gonna factor in.  

     A ducted system will definitely distribute the conditioned air betterthrew out the house. It might be be more efficient 

  • I have two cottages about the same size.

    I installed a 98% efficient gas furnace in each and watched my fuel bill drop drastically. 

    Mine have had the nozzles changed to use Propane because we don't get Natural gas in the country.

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