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Why the Palestinians and other Muslims always cry like babies and play the victims when Serbians,Greeks,Armenians are worse than them?

Serbians,Greeks and Armenians are Orthodox Christians and they always get abused and persecuted by Muslims yet they stand on their feet with bravery and the worlds community watch their genocide with silence so why we should put Palestinians in special place??!??!!!!!!!!!????


Ghost I saw comments from Muslims talk badly about Christians and pray on Turkey's Erdogan who is a criminal

Update 2:

The Truthseeker they always kill kaffirs 

And defend themselves where?

Greeks were their slaves inside Greek lands for 900 years Greeks were persecuted and we're forced to pay jizya wake up

Update 3:

Now we survived stupid troll anonymous but if you had travel in 1996,1974 and 1950 and 1946 you would notice also Greece is a complicated situation we try to get our country back and our respect and western powers along with turkey don't let us alone in peace 

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    Around half of Palestinians are Christians.  Classifying them as Muslims and Arabs (they are Bedouin) helps assuage America's conscience in supporting Israeli genocide.

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    Just Like the school Bully OK when Bullying anyone they chose but Bully them back, and we are racists

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    I've travelled around Greece a few years ago. Did not notice anyone being persecuted or any wars. 

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    Muslims do not persecute anyone, they do however, reserve the right to defend themselves. 

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