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Would this be a friendship of convenience? ?

I have a friend, who is always inviting me to to out, knowing I've been sick lately. I've declined going out several because of this very reason. I'm always either very tired and/or in pain. She also is aware that I go to a lot of appointments. She never ever asks how I'm doing or feeling, but continues to invite me out on the spot. I ask how she is regardless. Sometimes I feel like she likes me just to have someone to hang out with & not as a friend who genuinely cares. And definitely not someone I can share my problems because of the judgy vibes or the "I'll wait until your hard times have passed so that we can communicate again" vibes. Trying to keep an open mind, but this is heavy on my mind. I'm going to have a conversation with her on this, but don't want to hurt her  feelings. Any ideas? 

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