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English Rhetorical Device Questions?

7. An old and familiar saying that states a basic truth is a(n)

a. adage

b. maxim

c. saying

d. proverb8. The term to best describe Benjamin Franklin's witty quotes is...

a. saying

b. aphorism

c. epigram

d. maxim

9. This term refers to wisdom that has gained credibility through long use...

a. adage

b. proverb

c. saying

d. aphorism

10. This term usually refers to a rule of conduct...

a. proverb

b. maxim

c. aphorism

11. This term is used to imply that the quote is the most general meaning...

a. epigram

b. maxim

c. saying

d. proverb

12. The term implies that the quote contains a bit of wisdom that has been expressed with great wit...

a. proverb

b. epigram

c. maxim

d. aphorism

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  • 3 weeks ago

    7. C.

    8.  A.

    9.  B.


    11. C.

    12. D.

    That's the best I can do to help you.  BUt be careful if you taking tests, most y/a user aren't experts.

    Source(s): Native American English speaker for many decades.
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    1 month ago

    A -----------------------

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