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Constipated Betta fish?

I'm a new fish mom to four Betta girls lol. So I really didn't realize how tiny fish stomachs are and that first day (Sun, the day I got them) I can say I overfed them because they didn't eat the pellets so I gave them flakes. I should have took the pellets out because I then learned Bettas will just eat anything even if they are full. Then I fed them flakes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I noticed they were bloated and I looked it up and it's not dropsy. They're definitely constipated 3 of them are actually. It was all 4 but the one I call Blaze isn't anymore. But Bubbles, Aqua, and Tsunami still are. They're swimming perfectly fine. 

How do I treat this. I read to fast them for 2 or 3 days and today will be the first day of not feeding them. Then tomorrow. Then feed them a pea. But then I read a pea wasn't a good idea. Then I saw advice to put a mirror in front of them so they'll flare and poop but that doesn't sound to nice to stress my Bettas out. Then I heard Epsom salt. What is the best way to treat this and I heard Fleas but I can't get them right now.

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    There are many causes of bloat. Over feeding may cause bulging belllies, and can be fixed by A, not overfeeding, or B. fasting for a few days.

    Constipation means they are not pooping, If this persists, the best treatment when it comes to carnivores like betas is dapnia.  

    Peas are a good idea to treat constipation in omnivores and herbivores, I have heard of people doing it with bettas, and it won't hurt.  The problem is that most bettas will not eat peas.  FYI, It has to be pealed.

    I aggree that trying to scare a fish into pooping is a stupid idea.

    If your fish are definitely still constipated, 15 minute epson salt baths can help.  I would consider this a last resort, it is stressful to net a fish and stick it in a bowl, and net it again to put it back.  And in the meantime, the other bettas may have started attacking each other.

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