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Home DNA kits?

In your opinion, what is a DNA kit you have used and found successful? I really want to do one and then find out who I am related to and where my ancestors are from. 

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    I haven't used one but if you are a male you will need to order a Y-DNA and if you're female you will need to order a mt-DNA test kit. There's also a test kit that's called an autosomal DNA which will test your overall ancestry up to 5 generations in historical background of ancestry. The latest I've heard, is that the last one I mentioned can go up to 1,000 yrs of ancestors. 

    I already know my father's ancestry and since I'm female I can use the mt-DNA test kit to test my mother's ancestry since they are impossible to trace. My cousin whom is male is using the Y-DNA test kit, but already there has already been many ancestors dug up on the male line on my father's side; his uncle.

    I heard that the autosomal DNA test kit is a good test kit for starters. 

  • drip
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    1 month ago

    Both my brother and I are adopted. We both found our biological family through DNA and Ancestry. 

    Anyone with my DNA who has done the test can choose to link up with other matches. 

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    Both my husband and I have used the DNA kits from Ancestry.com. The tests  will identify other relatives who have also taken DNA tests. In my case, it correctly identified a second cousin of mine and two first cousins of my husband's. It also provided the names of many more distant relatives who have also taken Ancestry's DNA tests. The test will show you generally where your ancestors lived and what percentage of your DNA comes from a particular area. However, the test will not provide you with a family tree or give you the names of famous people in the past that you might be related to. To find that kind of information, you have to do the work of researching your ancestors yourself and building your own family tree.

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    I used Ancestry.com's kit.  They reported I had ancestors from England, Scotland and Ireland (an easy guess with my last name), Normandy, Germany-Netherlands-Austria (my mother's side, which they had no way of knowing), and back 900-1000 years 2 Jews and some Mongol.  The Mongol is no big surprise given their incursions to central Europe.

    Probably correct but you do not get (nor did I expect) names of ancestors.  I did have them search for names, but they messed up at my great great grandfather's level, confusing him with someone of a similar name.

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    DNA Kits do not tell you who you ancestors were or who your related to.  They provide great clues that you can research and possibly learn about your family history.

    Source(s): Genealogical Research o0ver 60 years and have used DNA to assist in research.
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    They are sold to entertain you, they do not tll you who your ancestors were or where they came from, only one way to do that and that is by researching the written records each of your ancestors generated during their lifetime

  • Cogito
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    They tell you very little.  They certainly won't tell you who your ancestors were or where they were from, other than a very VERY approximate area - like 'Eastern Europe'.

    They'll only help you find relatives if they too have done a DNA test kit and have specifically requested to be put in touch with you.

    The kits are just a bit of fun, really.

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    Questions about the answerer are not allowed on Y!A.

    DNA-tests do not tell you who your ancestors are. They mostly tell you where distant cousins of yours who took the same test live.

    Apparently, some of them do help you contact your relatives, but only if you and they explicitly allow the company to do so

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    i wanted to do that with ancestry.com and sent them a kit and they never returned it

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    Why would someone else have an "opinion" on any DNA kit I have used and found successful?

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