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Advice on what my odds are of pregnancy?

Me and my husband had sex very late at night/early morning going into 1/19 and he came inside of me. I use the app Kindara to track my cycle and it said that was the first of my fertility window. I've been using the Baby@Home OPK and I tested positive today 1/21. This is my first time so I'll put all info I think will help..

My CM the past couple of days we're creamy and today it is egg white consistency and I have a 24 day cycle. He came in me CD 8 and I am now on CD 10. I just want to know if anyone has had a similar experience and has gotten pregnant. We are not actively trying or preventing but this would be an incredible blessing! 

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    Apps are only GUESSING at your fertility window based on PAST patterns of your cycle.  

    Testing for ovulation indicates the right hormones are present but doesn't guarantee ACTUAL ovulation.

    Any couple actively TTC has about a 25% chance of success during each cycle.  So - your odds are about 25%.

    Sperm can live for up to five days and wait for your egg to arrive.  The egg only lives about 12 to 24 hours.  When some tests are indicating the peek of ovulation, sex BEFORE that point is more likely to be successful than sex AFTER that point since the EXACT time the egg releases is never actually known and the egg has a short life.

    The BEST way to become pregnant is to have sex at least once every three days anytime you are not bleeding.  (so anytime you are not actually on your period - have sex at least once every three days.)  If that doesn't result in pregnancy within one year - then you MIGHT have a fertility problem.  

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    i would just see your doctor about it

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