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What does altered electrical brain activity mean?

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    Altered simply means changed.  The brain has a regular pattern of electrical activity that it will have in a particular situation. An altered brain pattern will be observed if there is active measurement of the brain pattern and something is done, because the brain starts doing something a bit different in response to whatever happened that the brain noticed.

    An altered brain pattern indicates that something unusual or unique is happening in the brain. There are many good reasons for the brain pattern to alter, and it is often made to happen in testing in a laboratory.  Introducing food, or a competitor, or a possible predator, will all result in an altered brain pattern.  The brain activity will frequently alter when there is a change in circumstances.  Different parts of the brain become active in different situations, so the brain activity has altered.

    An unusual brain pattern would be a better way to describe a brain pattern that is not typical, when there is no measurement of that person's "normal" brain activity pattern. Unusual activity is generally seen as a possible indication of a medical problem.

    Our brain activity is altering all the time.  It is not unusual for there to be an alteration in activity when there is an alteration in conditions or circumstances.  A nice looking girl walks by, and the average man will have an altered brain pattern in response.  A fire alarm goes off, and the brain activity will definitely alter.

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