UK Television?

What is your favourite and least favourite programmes on our terrestrial TV at the moment, I'm not on about Netflix or the satellite dish nailed to the council house programmes or any other subscription TV but TV available to all?

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  • 2 months ago

    amercian here who Loves UK TV-

    Right now I am watching Panel shows such as Would i Lie To You or QI or Have I got news for You

    Doctor Who- when it is on 

    Susan Calman's Travel shows

    Who Do You Think You are- when I can find the parts 

    all on Youtube

  • 2 months ago

    Favourite, hmmmm..... nope..... not a sausage - made worse by the fact there's only a limited service "freeview lite" transmitter in my area, with a reduced selection of channels, which are a pain in the **** to try get a signal for because they f**ked up the relocation of the local transmitter after the previous one got too perilously close to the edge of the cliff.

    Well there was that "Monty Don's American Gardens" thing I spotted on BBC iPlayer about a year ago (bought it off iTunes for £6.99 so can watch it again)... 

    not sure if "British Railway Journeys" with Michael Portillo is on at the moment (wasn't last time I checked iPlayer), but started picking up a few episodes off iTunes (only 99p for the earlier episode)..... apparently it's also available to stream for free on the UKTV Play website.....

    there's also the "Great Canal Journeys" thing with the Sybil Fawlty actress... not sure if that's on live TV at the moment, but is available to stream for free (with adverts) from the Channel4 website along with old episodes of "Father Ted" + "Drop the Dead Donkey" + "Seinfeld"Least favourite: pretty much all of them... can't really find a TV channel I particularly like at the moment....

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