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Cheating Wife/Firefighter/Divorce?

A friends wife has been cheating for years. she will leave and come back, finally he filed for divorce. She left back around Aug/Sept 2020, moved in with her new bf and they alternated weeks with the kids. He is a firefighter and can only afford so much for the attorney, who tells him his job won't get him full custody. Well, Christmas comes around and she makes her way back into his life and the house. He accepted to be able to see the kids every day and keep things at peace. Can't blame him there. However, she does this often, this is just the first time divorce was filed for. Any advice for him to still keep the peace but have her move out again? He is miserable but doesn't want to go without his kids. He will not be mean to her for fear of not seeing his children. The wife and her mother have spoken threats on taking the children but none through text. There has to be a way for her to just leave him alone....right?

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    These two need to contract with an arbiter to talk through what's best for their kids. The lawyer's probably right that a firefighter's schedule isn't conducive to sole custody. So if they're logical they'll work out a custody schedule to where he gets the kids on his days off and she has them on those days when he has to sleep at the firehouse. If they're both holding out for sole custody they're just making the situation worse than it needs to be. 

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    maybe he can talk to a lawyer about it

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