Can anyone solve this impossible brain teaser? (we can't please help)?

Can anyone solve this? No assumptions, only facts. Also you have to explain how you got the correct answer.

Oliver, Olga, and Oscar each have two different hobbies. No one has a hobby that someone else has. Their hobbies are golfer, swimmer, biker, skateboarder, sailor, and scuba diver. Each character in the following statements represents a distinct person.

1) The golfer and the swimmer are both taller than Oliver.

2) The sailor beat the skateboarder in chess yesterday.

3) The biker and the skateboarder eat lunch together every Wednesday.

4) The swimmer and the sailor are both vegetarian.

5) The sailor is smarter than both Olga and Oscar.

6) The golfer and Olga are husband and wife.

Match each person to his or her hobbies.


PS- We've tried using the grid and the solution and it still doesn't make sense.

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  • 1 month ago
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    Okay so this is what I think. Oscar is the golfer because him and the swimmer are taller than Oliver with only leaves him and hes married to Olga. The swimmer is Olga because she is also taller than Oliver. The sailor is Oliver because he is smarter than Olga and Oscar. Oliver is the biker and the skateboarder is Olga because they are both vegetarian. And the scuba diver is Oscar because it leave only that option left.

  • 1 month ago

    The solution from the book I got it from says this: 

    "Oliver-sailor and scuba diver

    Olga- biker and swimmer

    Oscar- golfer and skateboarder 

    From the sixth clue, it is evident that Oliver is the sailor. Now, from the first, second, and fourth clues we see that Oliver is not the golfer, biker, skateboarder, or swimmer. So, he must also be the scuba diver. The fifth clue tells us that Olga is not the golfer. So that means Oscar is the golfer. Now, from the first clue we see that Olga is the biker. Now, from the third clue we see that Oscar is also the skateboarder. By default, that means Olga is also the swimmer." 

    This explanation doesn't make sense to us at all but it's what the book says. 

  • 1 month ago

    I's not impossible.

    It just takes work.

    Set up a grid with columns of hobbies and rows of people's names.

    And then fill in what you know.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It’s one person Oliver Olga Oscar.

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