US Road Trip February?

Me and my significant other are trying to plan a road trip starting next week that will be about two weeks long. We are leaving from Michigan and we are using a rental car so we are not going to have very good winter tires. So we are trying to avoid heavy snow. Does anyone have any good routes or ideas of where to go? We are wanting to see national park like things to keep it as COVID safe as possible.

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    1 month ago

    If you can get to the southwest, that's going to be your best bet in terms of weather and national parks. I was just in Phoenix, and the weather was lovely. We went to the Grand Canyon (where it did snow, but we managed with regular tires), and would like to have gone to Sedona and Flagstaff. Half the state consists of national parks. 

    The problem with going southeast is that the best national parks are in the mountains, which get a lot of snow. 

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    You don't say where you live in MI, which matters, but you basically need to take whichever interstate highway goes south from wherever you live until you are out of the snow.

    You can then choose to go east, south, or west, but stay out of the mountains.  it is easy to research visitor information for every state and major city in the USA once you are out of the snow. 

    Note that Florida very rarely gets snow, and FL is not locked down by crazed democrats whose intent is to destroy the economy.  You can get to central FL (Orlando) in 17 hours in the car (not counting meals or sleep), and Key West is about five more hours of driving. 

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    Dropping a link for National weather ….

    I use this when I travel (also from MI). 

    Checking the forecast and satellite maps you can see what’s coming and what to avoid with the 5 day forecast…..Enjoy your travels …………..I am heading to Texas next week.

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