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are plants sentient?

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  • Blearg
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    1 month ago

    Common misconception: sentient does not mean intelligent, it means capable of feeling. Sapient means wise. So a cow is definitely sentient as it feels pain and becomes upset when separated from herdmates. Sapient? Hard to say. 

    In science we use what is repeatable and measureable to test things that are not yet known. It's easier for is to test things that are closer to our frame of reference. In any case, we don't know to what degree plants can think. We know that they can discern and communicate dangers about predators, for instance, but is that a decision, or a reflex? We know they share nutrients between each other, but once again, is that a choice or an automatic process? 

  • It's not impossible. 

  • 1 month ago

    This is more a philosophical question than a biological one as nobody knows how consciousness works.

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