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why does my pet birb act like a boy?

females are the stronger gender in nature - sir charles darwin

i have an about 8 month old green cheek conjure that is a baby girl 

from the day i got it it was agressive stronger than any human and could fly with its wings clips

also i am a young man so it watched me play smash bros, street fighter , watched disaster movies with me and was not fazed at all 

it even flew to me and tried to turn my gaming system back on 

not to mention it even watched horror movies and marvel with me 

not fazed and she seemed to enjoy them as well at least for the marvel ones like avengers one

is my birb really a girl or is it just an extreme tomboy or lastly it could just be a very brave little girl

plus she bites alot 

what causes this type of behavior in a half sized parrot thanks

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  • 1 month ago

    I can't tell your bird's sex by the info you mentioned.  Yes parrots like noise and action moves with explosions and music.  The way I usually tell [if they are not sexually dimorphic] is how they tend to masturbate [boys with tail down, girls with tail up]; but yours may be too young for that.  

    They say usually the male has a flatter head, the female a rounder head, but this is not 100% sure.  You could get a DNA test which is not super expensive.

  • 1 month ago

    You obviously have little knowledge of birds or parrots in particular.

    Wing clipping is not supposed to prevent all flight, just reduce the height/distance managed.

    The movies and video games provide stimulus that some birds enjoy. They do not follow the plot line.

    Female parrots are likely to bite harder than males. This is how they defend their nest in the wild.

    Nothing you have written suggests any gender confusion, just ill-informed bird owner.

  • Goerge
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    1 month ago

     You keep calling it a birb and it will keep acting as weird as its owner. 

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