What is Onpage SEO Optimization?

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  • Jay
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    1 month ago
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    Hi Stephan.  The answer to this is in Chapter 8 of your text book on marketing.  Basically it is when you put a nice pictures on a web page and then tag it with keywords so it come up in a search and leads people to your web page.

    Example: you are selling rocks painted to look like giraffes. So you get three pictures.  One is of the rock giraffe, one is of a REAL giraffe, and one is of a person who looks a little like Kylie Jenner wearing 'Giraffe ears'.  Each one you give 3 tags to:  'Loveable Giraffe', 'Giraffe Desk Essential', 'Kylie Giraffe costume'.  As people randomly search the internet they will get links to images relating to their search terms.  People are interested by images so they click on them.  The click will take them directly back to your webpage.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

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