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Need help - Audio interface doesnt have USB port?

I have a Steinberg interface from I believe 2016, i dont want to buy a new one. I currently have a USB mic and Midi controller that I need to connect to it.

I am looking for something that plugs into the interface that will hold a USB port.

Does such a thing exist?

Where can I get one?


I have a yeti that doesn’t create great sound, I just can’t use it with Cubase. Everyone’s telling me it needs to connect to my interface.

If not, how can i connect it?

Update 2:

Does create* not doesn’t. Can’t afford to get a new mic.

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    i don't think you understand what USB is for. if your MICROPHONE is USB, then it CANNOT be plugged into an interface! those mics are designed to be plugged directly into the computer. USB mics have processing hardware built in to them. you need drivers for the mic to work on the computer. they won't work with a control module.

    sorry. you need to buy a REAL mic if yoj need to plug it in a Steinberg.

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    USB devices can only connect to a computer (which includes smartphones and tablets), that has the appropriate drivers.You need a proper mic that uses XLR connections for audio.

    For _true_ MIDI devices, you need a MIDI interface such as a "Midiface"; or some audio interfaces also have MIDI input & output.

    So-called "USB MIDI" devices can again only connect to computers. 

    True MIDI devices that use DIN plug connections can connect anything-to-anything; that was the whole principle of MIDI in the first place.

    For a home or any studio setup, the only USB items (beyond the PC keyboard & mouse etc.) should be the audio / midi interface(s) and optionally a control surface.

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