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My fish keeps swimming upside & down and has dropsy!?

Hello, I’ve noticed that one of my guppies developed dropsy about 2 months ago. I didn’t realize I just thought he was chubbier than all the other fishes because he was the first fish I got a year ago. Recently I changed the water from the fish tank, but I didn’t change all the water completely, I just changed less than half and used a gravel vacuum. I have 5 fishes and all the other fish seem to be fine after the water change. Except this one guppy who stays at the top of the tank, swimming uncontrollably upside down, and I can see his belly and anus are filled with blood and it looks like he’s internally bleeding. His scales are also pine-cone like. I bought medication called lifeguard that’s supposed to help with cuts and diseases. I also used some aquarium salt because I read that helps with healing. I’ve also separated him and put him in a different tank. Should I euthanize him? I feel like his illness is fatal. He’s been suffering like this for 3 days. How long do you think he will survive? Or is there another way to treat this? Thanks

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    When fish can't control their buoyancy, it's usually because they have a problem with their swim bladder. Which can be caused by loads of different issues. 

    I don't know what exact treatment is needed, but a vet may be able to help. Euthanasia may be on the cards. The poor little thing doesn't look too good. I have seen fish recover from swim bladder issues, but again, there isn't a single cause for this, it's a symptom of many different potential issues.  

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