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How to care for a parakeet when its mate has died?

I had a pair of parakeets, but one of them sadly passed away yesterday. This has left me with one very lonely little bird. He was never as friendly as my other bird and he is definitely not bonded to me at all, but I don't want to leave him by himself since he doesn't have his little buddy anymore. Whereas she would always come out to play with me and fly around, the little boy who is left doesn't really like people or coming out of the cage, so I don't know what to do to help him. Would he benefit from having a mirror in the cage now? I have heard mixed things about if mirrors are good for birds. 

Additionally, they aren't super old parakeets, but not young either, so would it be worth it to try to get a new parakeet? I only ever see fairly young ones for adoption/sale where I live and I don't know if my older male bird could live with a younger bird?

Thanks in advance for any help/info!

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  • 1 month ago

    Now that his mate has died, you need to relate to him as best you can.  At least talk to him a lot, even if he doesn't want to be handled.  Some budgies enjoy company and talking even if not being handled.  Since he has no mate now, he will be more likely to bond with you than when he had another bird.  

    If you do want to get him another bird, you might look at the animal pound, or generally ask around.  But you know, a new bird is not so likely to bond with you as the one who died; it is just easier to bond with another  budgie.  

  • TK
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    1 month ago

    He probably will bond with another budgie, even a young one.  Or, keep working with him and he will probably bond with you in time. 

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